HOPE for disabled doctors

Help in Obtaining Professional Equality

Even doctors aren’t immune to illness, injury or disability. But what happens if illness or impairment is perceived to impinge on a doctor’s working life?

Structured support and advice is essential for any doctor to feel confident to deal with the challenges they might face – and there are plenty of ordeals to overcome……. job interviews, post-graduate examinations, the needle phobic paracetamol overdose patient you’ve been trying to cannulate since 3am……

For those of us with a disability or chronic illness it can feel as though there are additional barriers to surmount in order to achieve success in our chosen profession. Limitations to medical practice often go beyond the disability itself. A lack of support can cause feelings of confusion, frustration, vulnerability and isolation. However, provision of understanding and addressing each individual’s specific needs has a major impact on ability to succeed.

HOPE is here to assist in overcoming some of these additional difficulties - to Help Obtain Professional Equality - and to facilitate a long term successful and fulfilling career.

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